Yuuki Spencer is a player from the USA who is also known for being the world champion of yoyo.

He is known as a natural talent in 3rd Strike and has competed with the top level Japanese players where he is highly respected. He is sort of a national treasure in America. Often, you can hear ppl utter: "Protect Yuuki at all costs!".

Although he is considered a professional player, he hasn't placed in many tournaments outside of an Austin Texas Anniversary Collection Tournament where he placed 6th behind Justin Wong, Ricky Ortiz, FubarDuck, Hispanic Jap, and Hsien Chang. Source

He is a multiple-time World and U.S. National Champion in the 1A Division as well as a national finalist in the 2A and 4A Divisions. In 2007, he swept the largest U.S. contests, winning BAC, Worlds and Nationals in the same year. He is the second player to achieve this feat. Yuuki began playing yo-yo in Hawaii at the High Performance Kites (HPK) store in Honolulu, Hawaii, where he quickly developed into a talented player. At the age of 12, he travelled to Australia, performing as a member of Team High Performance. At the age of 13, he won the 2002 World Yo-Yo Contest, a victory that he repeated in 2007.

In addition to competitive play, Yuuki has also demonstrated at a number of events. Some of these include the 2008 Czech Nationals (Prague), YoYoFest Moscow 2008 (where he also judged) and the 2009 Japan Nationals.

Former sponsors include Team High Performance, YoYoJam, and YoYoFactory. Yuuki has recently become a member of the CLYW player team in December 2015. He is regarded by many as the greatest technical 1A player of all time. 

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