The online world of 3rd strike began in 2006 with the successful emulation of CPS-3 and then the rise of GGPO. Since then the game has been released as "Online Edition" on PS3 and Xbox 360 by Capcom. In 2014, a different program with the same emulator as GGPO was created and was called FightCade. Shortly after, GGPO was DDOS attacked and has since been down indefinitely. Since then, the online world for 3rd Strike mostly consists of FightCade and Online Edition.

As for the online 3rd strike, it began in 2007 on GGPO. Since then, Online Edition (23 August, 2011) and FightCade (October, 2014) were released.

It must be noted that 3rd strike is an old game released in 1999 on arcade cabinets which also relies heavily on mechanics and timing. Therefore, any form of online play has slightly different timing than actual Arcade cabinet or offline 3rd Strike Online Edition. Even offline CPS-3 emulation has slightly faster speed than when played on original hardware.

For a list of FightCade players, see the online player list page or player articles.

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