Welcome to the world of Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike. Congratulations, you have discovered one of the most fun fighting games ever.

Daigo vs Justin Wong (EVO 2004)

Daigo vs Justin Wong (EVO 2004)

3rd Strike was released in 1999, but this moment from the EVO 2004 tournament drew many players to this extremely fun yet challenging fighting game. On this dedicated wiki you will find everything about 3rd Strike, mechanic guide, game strategies, game history, match videos, players list, and rankings.

As for the online 3rd strike, it began in 2007 on GGPO. Since then, Online Edition (23 August, 2011) and FightCade (October, 2014) were released. If you're new and came here to start playing online, check how to play 3S on FightCade guide.

This site covers all related topics to 3rd Strike, including its history and legacy, the players, memorable moments from both online and offline scene.

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