Note that GGPO was attacked by DDOS since FightCade was launched and has since been taken down indefinitely.Edit

How to Play 3S on GGPO Edit

GGPO Edition

Notice: GGPO has now been indefinitely taken down. Go to Play 3S on FightCade.

1. Download and install GGPO. Create an account on their forum

2. Unzip this file and put the files in the 'savestates' folder in GGPO

3. Put these 2 ROM files in the ROMs folder in GGPO (do not unzip). and

4. If these folders don't exist. Open GGPO once for them to be automatically created

5. Join the "Street Fighter Tres" room. Set your buttons after the match starts

Ready-to-Play Package Edit

Ready-to-Play Package by RVN:

Simply un--rar the package and play . Obviously you will need a GGPO account, and to deal with opening ports.

Note: It is illegal to download and keep ROMs for over 24 hours unless you own the actual game.

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