"Quest of the Delta Knights"

Logan_Grundstein is a Fightcade regular who enjoys chatting in the Fightcade lobby. He is not known to play Street Fighter, but instead enjoys talking about the movie "Quest of the Delta Knights."

Notable QuotesEdit

"yo everyone in Quest of the Delta Knights thena was nice enough to meet tee at the bar but there the thing in the night scene a viking soldier appear right in the front of tee when he wake up and thena woke up by subprise but she use her blasdtgun to shoot that goddamn viking but a another viking scout appear and toward thena but leonardo put out his gun and shoot that mother fucker in the chest to save thena just in time but in the forest wamthool was lucky enough to take the chain off of thena leg and leonardo didn't want that so wamthool knock leonardo and he lifted and carry thena by the belly"

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