The Kara Powerbomb was invented by Kazuya, a top level Japanese Alex player. The technique gives Alex's Powerbomb significantly longer reach. It was made known to foreign players by Roshihikari (not the Japanese Yang player but the SRK forumer) and a video tutorial has since been made by Nica KO.

The input for Kara Powerbomb is:

LP > Half-Circle-Back (before the LP finishes) > f.HP ~ LP

[LP] [→ ↘ ↓ ↙ ←] [→ HP ~ LP]

Explaination[edit | edit source]

Normally kara techniques such as kara throw can be done by doing a normal move and then immediately cancelling it into a throw. For example, Alex's f.HP can be cancelled into throw. The f.HP moves Alex forward giving extra range. However, Powerbomb is special because cancelling f.HP into Powerbomb will not work.

Kazuya found a way to make this work by utilizing Alex Light Punch's special property - LP's last few frames can be cancelled into another normal. This is how many characters can combo jab into another jab.

Start with doing a standing LP and then cancel it into f.HP. Now this f.HP

  1. moves Alex forward and
  2. can then be cancelled into Powerbomb, but must be done within a few frames

The input for Powerbomb must be done extremely quickly. In fact, you need to input the half-circle-back motion even before inputting the f.HP.

A standard Powerbomb is perfomed by inputting half circle back + LP. So in this technique you need to press LP at the end to complete the Powerbomb input. Press the LP immediately after the f.HP (almost at the same time). This will give you a light powerbomb with added range from the f.HP

The catch to Kara Powerbomb is that you must always do a standing LP at the beginning. Incidently, crouching LP can theoretically be used instead - see the Double Kara Powerbomb section below.

Tutorial Video[edit | edit source]


Kara Powerbomb coverage by Nica KO

Double Kara Powerbomb[edit | edit source]

The standing jab that is used at the beginning of this technique can be replaced with crouching jab because it has the same properties. The motion would then be:

cr.LP > Half-Circle-Back (before the LP finishes) > f.HP ~ LP

[↓LP] [→ ↘ ↓ ↙ ←] [→ HP ~ LP]

The benefit is that Alex's cr.LP itself actually moves Alex forward. If  cr. LP is used instead of standing LP, you will gain an additional 16 pixels of range.

Alex f.HP - 16 pixels extra range
Alex cr.LP - 16 pixels extra range

This gives a total of 32 extra range. But unfortunately, while this technique is theoretically possible but realistically so hard to pull off it is practically impossible. If successful, this technique has more range than Hugo's Gigas Braker and rivals Q's command grab.

  • Light Powerbomb Range - 54 pixels
  • Light Powerbomb Range with double kara range - 86 pixels
  • Hugo's Gigas Breaker - 70 pixels
  • Q's Capture and Deadly Blow - 85 pixels
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