GGPO (short for Good Game Peace Out) was launched in 2006. This was at the time when the emulation of SFIII 3rd Strike was just beginning to come out. It was made by Tony Cannon, co-founder of fighting game website Shoryuken and Evolution Championship Series.

When Capcom released 3rd Strike Online Edition, GGPO staff decided to remove 3rd Strike from GGPO's games list. As a result, 3rd Strike community found a way to play the game by renaming 3rd Strike's save state into the Karnov's Revenge save state, and play it while in Karnov's Revenge lobby. 3rd Strike eventually came back to GGPO's supported games list.

Community Edit

SFIII 3rd Strike room quickly became popular in the early GGPO years with a bunch of people frequenting the room on a daily basis. They eventually became familiar with each other.

The peak of GGPO 3s was around 2007-2009. There was a big mix of personalities including old time 3s players, new players, trolls and ragers. Inevitably there were quarrels in the 3s room sometimes as it had turned into a "chat room" of sorts, with each day turning out to be an eventful day. Some prominent regulars included 2Nasty, metric, Bars and Hooks, beast123 and toastedsub.


Images and videos sometimes came out of the GGPO 3s community. These include the following funny items as well as chat logs found on the GGPO chat log page.

In The Club Doing Aegis Reflector

In The Club Doing Aegis Reflector

Best 3rd Strike Players In the World Parody

Best 3rd Strike Players In the World Parody

Termination Edit

In late 2014, GGPO was DDOS attacked shortly after FightCade was launched. It has since been taken down indefinitely. At this time, GGPO's website promoted FightCade by showing the message:

"GGPO has been temporarily disabled to better equip the site to deal with a recent rash of DDOS attacks. It will return shortly. In the meantime, I recommend trying out FightCade. It uses the GGPO-enhanced FBA emulator to provide the same lag-free experience, with many more rooms available for your enjoyment."

GGPO players have since found their way to FightCade.

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