hehe is a middle aged Asian American player, originally from Chicago. He eventually relocated to SoCal at the budding of the 3rd Strike scene to pursue his career as a pro.

hehe is known for using alt accounts to sort of "test the waters" before officially challenging people from his main account in attempt to maintain a clean record. However, he has failed in this endeavor few times and got outed as a fraud. https://i.imgur.com/ILMVlye.png

hehe also lost to Hrove 26-3 on stream in an embarassing defeat where Hrove did not use any superarts.

still, hehe has somewhat lived up to his moniker as "Top 5 on Fightcade"....

to this day, hehe is a legend in the fightcade community, reigning as possibly the greatest mystery troll the world has ever seen.

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