Note that some of these chat logs contain course language.

Random talk between toastedsub, Deku and Bars - March 2012 Edit

<DownzCat> ggs
<-Deku_ScrUb-> crashed i was sayin necros hard man
<toastedguy> i was tryna teach my friend about option selects and mixup
<-Deku_ScrUb-> ggs
<toastedguy> whilw we were playing
<-Deku_ScrUb-> thanks for playing me :)
<toastedguy> and i was like look at this
<toastedguy> and how he did that
<toastedguy> and how he raped me here
<DownzCat> you too deku, they were fun games
<toastedguy> and how to counter that
* Adding Mariosama to ignore list.
<toastedguy> liek i saw
<toastedguy> if i do a meaty poke
* Adding hardcoremin to ignore list.
<toastedguy> ul jump away to dodge grab
<toastedguy> so i can pasue for half a sec after the poke
<toastedguy> then grab u
<toastedguy> or react to the jump
<toastedguy> then jump with u and poke u down again
<toastedguy> that was my solution to it lol
<toastedguy> and u didnt come up with anything after that
<toastedguy> =(
<toastedguy> i guess q can do instant air jab
<-Deku_ScrUb-> Downz i kind of learned something from u that quickly
<toastedguy> since it comes out in 2 frames
<toastedguy> so he can actually defend against it
<toastedguy> but its also a free parry
<toastedguy> q's air to air game is pretty shit lol
<-Deku_ScrUb-> usually ppls tick throw schemes kill me all day..but i noticed u attacking me before i could throw
<toastedguy> and all his pokes are parried high
<toastedguy> his only poke thats not parried high
<toastedguy> is low mk
<toastedguy> and he cant super
<toastedguy> after low mk
<toastedguy> so if u guess parry forward q cant hit confirm
<toastedguy> anything
<toastedguy> he can only do low pokes
<toastedguy> and his low pokes are very weak
<DownzCat> yeah dudley's ex uppercut is great for countering throws
<toastedguy> and if he does 2 in a row its a free parry for me
<toastedguy> q got alot of problems
<toastedguy> but he got alot of strengths too
<toastedguy> his command grab is really good
<toastedguy> tick to command grab
<DownzCat> deku i just mash a lot and get lucky. i dont know what im doing really :)
<toastedguy> and his jumpin is really good
<toastedguy> if he does jumpin to command grab
<toastedguy> and u jump ur safe
<-Deku_ScrUb-> u play makoto Downz?
<toastedguy> but if he does jumpin hk to mk to dash punch
<toastedguy> and u try to jump cuz u think theres a command grab coming
<toastedguy> u eat the dash punch
<toastedguy> and super
<DownzCat> nope, just mainly ken, necro and dudley
<toastedguy> i dunno how to counter that
<toastedguy> maybe
<toastedguy> oh
<toastedguy> i do know how
<Bars and Hooks> that 50/50 only works on ggpo btw
<toastedguy> guess parry forward
<-Deku_ScrUb-> i love to play ryu ggpo ppl forced ken on me
<toastedguy> after q does jump in poke
<toastedguy> guess parry forward
<toastedguy> if he pokes ul red parry it
<toastedguy> and after ur guess parry
<toastedguy> jump
<-Deku_ScrUb-> and im tryna pick a 3rd
<toastedguy> so if he pokes ul parry
<toastedguy> if he command grabs u dodge
<toastedguy> ok
<toastedguy> but it wont beat
<toastedguy> a command grab setup
<toastedguy> luckily most q's on here dont use command grab setups
<toastedguy> so i can play like a retard and win haha
<toastedguy> u guys dunno how much command grab mixup
<toastedguy> fucks up option selects
<toastedguy> in matchups
<toastedguy> its like at this range
<DownzCat> your ryu is pretty solid deku, could do with a bit more aggression though
<toastedguy> he can only do these pokes that are parried here and here
<toastedguy> and a tick to command grab
<toastedguy> suddenly kara grab from a mile away
<toastedguy> get fucking raped
<toastedguy> that shit
<-Deku_ScrUb-> Downz i be scared
<toastedguy> lmao
<toastedguy> anyone wanna play
<toastedguy> ??
<toastedguy> or should i go play hon
<-Deku_ScrUb-> when i try to be more aggressive i play extra risky
<toastedguy> deku
<-Deku_ScrUb-> i dont know how to be aggressive and safe
<toastedguy> i just
<toastedguy> explained how i handle mixup to my friend
<toastedguy> to u want me to copy paste it for u
<toastedguy> ??
<toastedguy> do you*
<-Deku_ScrUb-> i see i saved it already…! lol
<toastedguy> no i just
<-Deku_ScrUb-> ima beast at eavesdropping
<toastedguy> told him on ventrilo
<DownzCat> just got to throw yourself at them and learn from the experience
<-Deku_ScrUb-> ohhhhhhh yea man sure
<toastedguy> while i played
<toastedguy> a few ppl
<toastedguy> lemme paste bin it
<-Deku_ScrUb-> k thanks
<-Deku_ScrUb-> Downz i see what u mean..
<venom7> ggs cruse
<-Deku_ScrUb-> but man..attacking ppl always gets me set up
<Bars and Hooks> play the style that suits you
<Bars and Hooks> some people enjoy being aggressive
<toastedguy> who
<toastedguy> whochallenged me?
<Bars and Hooks> i think it depends on the mood youre in
<-Deku_ScrUb-> like they wait for me to do something and counter it so it demotivates me
<toastedguy> nah bars
<toastedguy> do you know why
<toastedguy> good players like daigo
<toastedguy> will lose a couple rounds to people who play weird
<toastedguy> by after those couple rounds
<toastedguy> they start to beast them like everyone else
<-Deku_ScrUb-> that fat ninja plays weird
<toastedguy> u guys say they adapt
<toastedguy> but how do you think they adapt
<-Deku_ScrUb-> i had to turtle with him extra hard
<toastedguy> the fact is certain playstyles
<toastedguy> handle situations
<toastedguy> certain ways
<DownzCat> yea deku that kind of style that beats me most of the time
<toastedguy> to give u an example
<toastedguy> if i know ur an aggressive player
<toastedguy> i know u wanna fuck me up
<toastedguy> i do mixup and i reset u
<DownzCat> if you notice people are baiting you, just slow down and be more cautious
<toastedguy> after i reset u
<toastedguy> il block
<toastedguy> for half a sec
<toastedguy> then parry forward and grab
<DownzCat> zone more and take your time
<toastedguy> since ur crazy
<toastedguy> ul probobly shoryuken or do a random poke
<toastedguy> and that half second block
<-Deku_ScrUb-> ^
<-Deku_ScrUb-> lol
<toastedguy> protects me from that
<toastedguy> and if u dont shoryuken
<toastedguy> i throw u
<toastedguy> then u do shoryuken
<toastedguy> i block it and punish u
<toastedguy> then u get scared and i throw u
<toastedguy> thats how u tame an aggressive player
<toastedguy> in a reset scenario
<toastedguy> now we do the same scenario
<toastedguy> vs a defensive player
<toastedguy> u reset him
<-Deku_ScrUb-> damn toasted how do u think so deeply about these things?
<toastedguy> u know he wont spam
<toastedguy> u know he will block
<toastedguy> ur meaty
<toastedguy> then attempt to tech ur grab
<DownzCat> bars it sucks man, our pings are too high to play each other
<toastedguy> or he will guess parry
<DownzCat> i know you have a sick Q
<toastedguy> if he guess parries
<-Deku_ScrUb-> option selects and just options in general dont even float into my mind anything that happens when i play is automatic
<toastedguy> he either guesses correctly
<toastedguy> or he guesses incorrectly and u get a free combo
<toastedguy> if he doesnt guess and he blocks ur poke
<Bars and Hooks> once people stop torrenting here
<Bars and Hooks> it wont be as bad
<toastedguy> after that u can throw them
<toastedguy> or do another poke
<toastedguy> if u do anotehr poke and they try to tech ur poke
<toastedguy> u can super them
<toastedguy> if u dont poke and u grab them
<toastedguy> u either throw them or it gets teched
<Bars and Hooks> personally i have a hard time being aggressive
<toastedguy> every scenario
<toastedguy> has a few ways it can be handled
<urinebubbles> toastedguy you can really go on about all this techy stuff forever
<toastedguy> u as a player
<urinebubbles> over analysing
<toastedguy> want to be prepared for a set of scenarios
<toastedguy> u dont want to think about
<toastedguy> 10 different things at once
<toastedguy> u want to just pick 1 way to handle the scenario
<toastedguy> and stick to it
<-Deku_ScrUb-> now this my friend is training :)
<toastedguy> keep it in ur mind
<Bars and Hooks> most of the things i do in a match i just do it for fun
<toastedguy> so you can react faster
<toastedguy> if u think about a million ways to counter something
<Bars and Hooks> dont even care about winning any more
<toastedguy> ul react slower
<toastedguy> when u hesitate and react slower
<toastedguy> ur more open to low hit confirms
<toastedguy> and grabs
<toastedguy> if u focus on only a few ways to react
<toastedguy> to each situation
<Bars and Hooks> at least i think i do
<toastedguy> and how to vary ur timing
<toastedguy> and not be predictable
<toastedguy> u can react faster
<toastedguy> because u dont have to spend time
<toastedguy> thinking how do i handel this?
<toastedguy> no
<toastedguy> because u know its 50/50
<toastedguy> if either lands or it doesnt
<toastedguy> if it does u take the dmg
<toastedguy> if it doesnt u regroup
<toastedguy> u dont just change ur entire playstyle cuz 1 thing went wrong
<toastedguy> then pray for the best
<toastedguy> when that pro has u in the corner
<toastedguy> slamming ur ass
<toastedguy> then u dunno what to do
<toastedguy> cuz ur usual shit isnt working
<toastedguy> and ur trying to think about ways
<toastedguy> to counter his shit
<toastedguy> when u dont have TIME
<toastedguy> to think about that shit
<toastedguy> all u have time for is to react
<toastedguy> and punish
<toastedguy> attack or defend
<toastedguy> bait or counter
<toastedguy> parry or block
<toastedguy> theres alot of ways a situation can be handled
<toastedguy> but choose one
<toastedguy> and follow through
<toastedguy> and mix up eveyr wakeup waht u choose
<toastedguy> if u get intimidated
<toastedguy> u become easier to grab and land overheads on
<toastedguy> if u feel confident
<toastedguy> ul poke alot more
<toastedguy> and go for things u dont usually do
<toastedguy> so playstyles have counters
<Bars and Hooks> i find it difficult to adapt to people
<toastedguy> because u are thinking
<Bars and Hooks> its more enjoyable for me
<toastedguy> how should i react?
<Bars and Hooks> if i focus only on what i do
<toastedguy> to this strange play
<toastedguy> this guy plays weird what do i do
<toastedguy> why is this working
<Bars and Hooks> i consider 99% to be aggressors
<Bars and Hooks> so i treat them like theyre gonna do some dumb shit
<toastedguy> i consider 90% of ggpo to be turtles
<toastedguy> ur usa rom
<toastedguy> is dif
<toastedguy> f3 broke it
<toastedguy> venom7 is aggresive
<toastedguy> he will go for dmg
<toastedguy> 100%
<toastedguy> wont defend
<-Deku_ScrUb-> ppl r scared to be aggressive because they will be called mashers
<Bars and Hooks> imo
<Bars and Hooks> its best to just be fuckin unpredictable
<Bars and Hooks> some guys
<Bars and Hooks> can go aggressive as shit
<Bars and Hooks> then go turtle
<Bars and Hooks> thats beast
<toastedguy> even if ur unpredictable
<toastedguy> if u play the game like im explaining
<toastedguy> it wont matter
<toastedguy> option selects work certain ways
<toastedguy> what he does make no dif
<toastedguy> ul auto parry
<toastedguy> before moves
<Marble> oi crowmo sorry about RQ the other day, i still love you ««<3
<toastedguy> even if u dunno waht poke is coming
<toastedguy> it protcts ur mixup
<toastedguy> if u get hit alot
<toastedguy> guess parry at times where u get hit alot
<toastedguy> at the places u get hit
<toastedguy> do it subconciously

Typical GGPO chat - May 30 2012 Edit

<dorito> i cant sleep im here to play some street fighter
<dorito> please entertain me
<Justin_Bieber> dorito wanna rub cocks
<dorito> ive just finished masturbatin
<dorito> theres cum drippin still
<Justin_Bieber> from where
<dorito> down my leg
<dorito> use your imagination
<dorito> ive gone limp i need like 30 mins to recuperate
<dorito> fingering my ass seems to help speed up the process though
<Intricate> who's watching my matches?
<dorito> ports blocked hebrew
<dorito> moron
<hebrew> uh no
<hebrew> we've played before
<dorito> uh yes
<hebrew> stupid
<dorito> ports can become blocked
<dorito> stupid jew
<hebrew> i just played VS
<hebrew> like 2 minutes ago
<hebrew> dumbass cornchip
<dorito> i cant see your ping
<dorito> also
<Intricate> dumbass cornchip
<dorito> you killed jesus
<dorito> just leave it open
<dorito> for a little
<Intricate> asshole
<Bars and Hooks> something is bothering me on my end
<Bars and Hooks> so i cant continue
<Intricate> shut up
<Intricate> fawker
<Prioritah> yeah I'm pretty far south for canada
<Prioritah> plus aren't you on one of the coasts?
<toastedguy> no
<georgieporgie123> !!!!!!
<Bars and Hooks> i thought about something interesting today every rapper is an air sign
<toastedguy> ..
<toastedguy> what
<Bars and Hooks> do you guys believe in zodiacs?
<Bars and Hooks> i do
<toastedguy> oh u meant that
<georgieporgie123> my aunt does
<Prioritah> I don't
<Prioritah> sounds like crap to me
<Bars and Hooks> theres 12 signs
<toastedguy> air are social
<toastedguy> but im not getting into this
<Bars and Hooks> divided into 4 catagories
<toastedguy> time for d3
<georgieporgie123> she says it's all true one way or another
<Justin_Bieber> i believe in the knights of the zodiac
<Bars and Hooks> fire - air - earth - water
<Bars and Hooks> every famous rapper falls under the air category
<toastedguy> thats a given
<Bars and Hooks> gemini, aquarious, libra
<toastedguy> whats ur point?
<toastedguy> air = never stfu's
<georgieporgie123> what do the earth people fall under
<Bars and Hooks> tupac
<Bars and Hooks> air
<Bars and Hooks> kanye, biggie
<Bars and Hooks> lil wayne
<Bars and Hooks> lil wayne
<Bars and Hooks> drake
<georgieporgie123> bars does the sign matter when you come out of the womb or when you're ready to go
<georgieporgie123> I mean
<Bars and Hooks> your sign is decided before the universe started
<Bars and Hooks> real talks
<Bars and Hooks> you were destined to be born in that place
<Bars and Hooks> at that time
<toastedguy> haha bars
<toastedguy> even wiz khalifa
<toastedguy> is a virgo
<toastedguy> an air sign
<toastedguy> lamo
<Bars and Hooks> a true zodiac reading can tell you your type from your location of birth etc
<Bars and Hooks> wiz khalifa isnt an amazing rapper
<toastedguy> what does that have to do
<Bars and Hooks> hes an earth sign
<toastedguy> no
<georgieporgie123> alright, but what about when being born versus being basically ready to be born
<toastedguy> hes air
<georgieporgie123> I mean I was born on may 4th but I was suppose to be on april 20
<Bars and Hooks> earth = taurus virgo capricorn
<toastedguy> diablo 3
<toastedguy> takes way too fucking long
<georgieporgie123> I just didn't come out on time
<toastedguy> to clear dungeons
<Bars and Hooks> yea georgia, its when you come out
<Bars and Hooks> doctors dont decide your date of birth
<Bars and Hooks> the universe did
<Bars and Hooks> real talks
<toastedguy> my dick
<toastedguy> decided the date of your birth
<georgieporgie123> o
<georgieporgie123> ic
<Bars and Hooks> whoelse
<toastedguy> my dick
<Bars and Hooks> big L
<Bars and Hooks> air
<toastedguy> bars and hooks
<toastedguy> are u
<toastedguy> a hat?
<toastedguy> lol
<Bars and Hooks> every fuckin cool rapper falls into the 25% percent
<toastedguy> do people wear u
<Bars and Hooks> thats no coincidence
<toastedguy> on their heads
<toastedguy> ?
<Bars and Hooks>
<Bars and Hooks> they agree
<Bars and Hooks> if ur dob adds to 4 youre most likely misunderstood
<Bars and Hooks> the day
<Bars and Hooks> people dont really get you
<parryhappy> what happened
<Bars and Hooks> me = 31st
<sph|nx> sory stick is fkd
<sph|nx> again
<samus420> LOL
<Bars and Hooks> must be why girls are so fat
<Bars and Hooks> they never burp or fart
<Bars and Hooks> how do i become a good guy
<Bars and Hooks> its not happening
<Bars and Hooks> i have friends
<Bars and Hooks> theyre amazing dudes
<Justin_Bieber> suck their dicks
<Justin_Bieber> thats 4real
<Bars and Hooks> i need to create relationships
<Bars and Hooks> LOL jk fuck that
<jamned> you don't need anything
<jamned> anyone up for a game?
<Bars and Hooks> LOL ive changed so much since my parents died
<Bars and Hooks> shit is crazy son
<\FistOfTheNoob> the fuck bars
<Bars and Hooks> sup
<Bars and Hooks> did u graduate
<TehWinnar> ^?_?
<\FistOfTheNoob> nahh
<\FistOfTheNoob> on the 14th
<\FistOfTheNoob> be there, or be sqrureaafa
<Bars and Hooks> the fuck its june now
<\FistOfTheNoob> no its may
<\FistOfTheNoob> where you been chuzzzn
<Bars and Hooks> i dont know how to time travel
<Intricate> gg
<\FistOfTheNoob> i found this on ur old myspace
<\FistOfTheNoob> you were lighter back then
<Intricate> why does dorito mash so hard
<Bars and Hooks> rip gramps
<\FistOfTheNoob> bars are u diablo 3ing yet
<Bars and Hooks> no money
<Bars and Hooks> hit up joe
<\FistOfTheNoob> bully dun liek me
<Denjizz> jerking off
<Denjizz> at the moment
<Bars and Hooks> you should delete ggpo once you graduate
<Bars and Hooks> lift off after high school
<Bars and Hooks> dont let little things hold you down
<\FistOfTheNoob> like a rocket man?
<Bars and Hooks> do anything
<\FistOfTheNoob> ill take you ona hourney with me
<Morbotron> YO
<Morbotron> pluggin stick in sec
<crowmo> aweeesomme
<crowmo> lets do it doppleganger
<TehWinnar> ggs
<Intricate> asshole
<\FistOfTheNoob> toss my salad
<jamned> ggs
<TehWinnar> your yang is very random >_>
<TehWinnar> it reminds me of mine but maybe you hit confirm better combos
<jamned> i gotta get out of my comfort zone with his command throws
<\FistOfTheNoob> shut up silver latios
<jamned> but yeah, i try to mixup with short divekicks
<jamned> for confusion
<TehWinnar> yeah i see u dont use those at all D:
<jamned> haha
<Intricate> no he doesn't
<TehWinnar> maybe for fear of random wake up ex moves?
<jamned> there was one round when i whiffed 5 :P
<TehWinnar> yeah i wasnt near you then
<jamned> yeah, that and the punishment for missing is so high
<TehWinnar> those didnt count >_>
<jamned> i think i got to practice spacing
<jamned> it works well after a short non-hit divekick
<jamned> but i haven't made that part of my muscle memory yet
<TehWinnar> yeah ive been playing yang for about 2 weeks straight to re-familiarize myself with him
<TehWinnar> i just switched to oro today
<jamned> ahhh
<TehWinnar> since i feel yang is OP in GGPO
<jamned> because of the speed?
<TehWinnar> just like ibuki >_>
<TehWinnar> yeah
<Intricate> yang is free
<TehWinnar> they do alot of random shit
<jamned> yeah, i can see that
<TehWinnar> that'll eventually get thru
<jamned> the ibukis i've played on ggpo aren't bad
<jamned> i've played some spammers and it's really only the people who know how to use her that can beat me
<Justin_Bieber> theyre bad
<TehWinnar> no theyre never bad, just wave after wave of inputs
<TehWinnar> dumb inputs
<TehWinnar> lk into mk
<TehWinnar> lp into mp
<TehWinnar> over and over again D:
<TehWinnar> and if a random one connects by lets say a lag jump
<TehWinnar> then a full combo comes out >_>
<TehWinnar> tragic =/
<jamned> meaning that full combo was hit confirmed
<TehWinnar> yeah.
<TehWinnar> its like when u play yang
<TehWinnar> get a random distance for his crouching forward kick
<Intricate> he's easy
<Intricate> does little damage
<TehWinnar> w/e
<jamned> hm
<jamned> feel like going a few rounds intricate?
<TehWinnar> so i try not to play strong chars
<TehWinnar> or use good sa's as u saw.
<Justin_Bieber> thats stupid
<TehWinnar> the strongest i play is probably sa3 makoto
<TehWinnar> fuck u beiber faggot
<Justin_Bieber> youre stupid
<Intricate> stop it
<Intricate> you need to rage at something more important
<Intricate> like complainibus
<TehWinnar> no cannabitch
<TehWinnar> gets my full fury
<TehWinnar> this is nothing.
<Intricate> good
<TehWinnar> i hope you mother dies of breast cancer? oh she already died of such? well serves her right.
<TehWinnar> ^that insult seems very,very light compared to what i say to cannabitch
<Intricate> why
<Intricate> what about javalover
<TehWinnar> i see him every so often
<TehWinnar> i dont think hes important enough to address directly
<\FistOfTheNoob> Everyone
<\FistOfTheNoob> post music links now
<TehWinnar> …
<TehWinnar> *crickets*
<Intricate> pick a better topic
<\FistOfTheNoob> no
<\FistOfTheNoob> im looking for new songs
<Intricate> that's stupid
<Justin_Bieber> yea
<\FistOfTheNoob> well
<\FistOfTheNoob> okay
<\FistOfTheNoob> lets compare dick sizes then
<Intricate> sf4 related
<\FistOfTheNoob> isnt that what you gay people talk about?
<\FistOfTheNoob> idk how to talk to homos or start a convo with them
<Justin_Bieber> fist is being a jerk
<\FistOfTheNoob> oh is he sensitive about his homosexuality?
<\FistOfTheNoob> sorry intricate
<\FistOfTheNoob> i dont have a problem with your people
<Intricate> a big jerk
<\FistOfTheNoob> its just when you try to come on to me its like
<\FistOfTheNoob> cmon dude
<Intricate> and after we helped him with his project
<\FistOfTheNoob> i dont recall you helping out all
<\FistOfTheNoob> i remember dyne and BD helping
<Justin_Bieber> hes BD
<\FistOfTheNoob> no hes not
<\FistOfTheNoob> BD isnt going to be back for a while
<Intricate> he's trying to tell me who I am
<Intricate> that's whack
<\FistOfTheNoob> and im kuroda
<\FistOfTheNoob> didnt expect that one did you
<\FistOfTheNoob> well yea, im coming clean guys
<\FistOfTheNoob> im kuroda mishigami
<\FistOfTheNoob> heir to the white dragon 33rd chapel
<Intricate> and after we helped him with his project
<jamned> ggs
<Intricate> ggs
<jamned> so, you can clearly see a lot of my holes
<\FistOfTheNoob> whore
<Intricate> what?
<Justin_Bieber> its because youre an asshole
<\FistOfTheNoob> whore.
<\FistOfTheNoob> ill buy you a lavish dinner and treat you right
<\FistOfTheNoob> but you have to promise to inhale an entire tank of helium
<jamned> a lot of holes in my attacks, i mean
<Justin_Bieber> cause youre an asshole
<\FistOfTheNoob> damn
<\FistOfTheNoob> that face is gone
<Intricate> shut up
<Intricate> the old FistOfTHeNoob was cooler
<Justin_Bieber> did you start watching naruto
<Justin_Bieber> its tite
<Intricate> no, you said it was bad
<Justin_Bieber> yea the first few minutes was really lame I never got past it
<Justin_Bieber> but 2nd half was already good
<Intricate> how
<\FistOfTheNoob> the beginning of the rage zombies
<Intricate> shut up new guy
<Intricate> it's all coincidence
<\FistOfTheNoob> its all in miami
<\FistOfTheNoob> everything is starting in miami
<\FistOfTheNoob> chemical explosions on planes
<\FistOfTheNoob> school breaks out with odd rash
<\FistOfTheNoob> guy bites someones face off and doesnt stop even after being shot
<\FistOfTheNoob> doctor spits blood on police
<\FistOfTheNoob> rash broke out at another school
<Intricate> stop watching my matches
<Intricate> that's stupid
<Intricate> it isn't even spreading through bite
<\FistOfTheNoob> yes it is
<Intricate> no it's not
<\FistOfTheNoob> many people in miami
<Intricate> you need better proof
<\FistOfTheNoob> have been bitten
<Intricate> rather than media
<\FistOfTheNoob> the people that have been bitten are now in quarantine
<\FistOfTheNoob> here
<\FistOfTheNoob> let me post like 12 links
<\FistOfTheNoob> all to different incidents
<Intricate> better be good
<Intricate> and from real people
<Intricate> they're just hungry
<Intricate> not everyone has a good budget
<\FistOfTheNoob> this one is the biggest sign to me
<\FistOfTheNoob> shot 6 times
<Intricate> it's a big prank
<\FistOfTheNoob> and still continued to eat the victims face
<\FistOfTheNoob> what.the.fuck
<suppersummoner> resient evil in real life
<suppersummoner> resident evil
<Intricate> it's a prank
<Intricate> people are bored
<Intricate> since kony2012
<Bars and Hooks> crash
<crowmo> awww gunn
<crowmo> jaa
<sph|nx> =D
<crowmo> i gotta go now bru breath
<crowmo> day z later?
<sph|nx> oh du
<sph|nx> ft33?
<crowmo> duuu
<sph|nx> ryu
<sph|nx> ft3 qiock
<crowmo> u came late duu
<sph|nx> quick
<\FistOfTheNoob> dude
<sph|nx> quick
<Morbotron> ggs
<\FistOfTheNoob> what the fuck
<Bars and Hooks> i look kinda like maria ozawa irl
<Bars and Hooks> same skin complexion and all
<\FistOfTheNoob> stabs self, throws intestines at police
<sph|nx> tsec
<Intricate> dude
<Intricate> it's a prank
<Intricate> don't get trolled
<\FistOfTheNoob> the guy was sprayed with pepper spray
<\FistOfTheNoob> but wasnt effected
<\FistOfTheNoob> its the rage virus
<Intricate> it's a prank
<Bars and Hooks> who would operate on a guy like that
<Bars and Hooks> rage virus
<Bars and Hooks> mustve been on ggpo
<\FistOfTheNoob> bars
<Bars and Hooks> was that louscipher biting people
<\FistOfTheNoob> look at all the other links i posted
<Bars and Hooks> or artayes
<Intricate> dude shut up faggot
<Bars and Hooks> fuck miami
<\FistOfTheNoob> this is the guy who had his face eaten off
<Bars and Hooks> he looks liek a jolly rancher
<Bars and Hooks> that was recent?
<Bars and Hooks> fuu
<Intricate> shut up
<Intricate> it's a prank
<Bars and Hooks> i hope its a prank
<Bars and Hooks> but people are weird any fucking way
<Bars and Hooks> im paranoid regardless
<\FistOfTheNoob> a prank?
<Intricate> it's a prank dumbass
<\FistOfTheNoob> LOL
<\FistOfTheNoob> yes
<\FistOfTheNoob> these people are killing each other, eating faces, throwing intestines, spitting blood, for some elaborate prank
<Intricate> it's fake
<Intricate> sars was contained
<Bars and Hooks> sars never existed
<Bars and Hooks> neither did h1n1
<\FistOfTheNoob> this shit is real
<Bars and Hooks> this zombie thing is interesting though
<Intricate> so was swine flue
<\FistOfTheNoob> what do you think the fema camps are for
<Intricate> these are fake
<AndreySouza> Who's Sars?
<Intricate> fake
<Intricate> it's just for entertainment
<Intricate> like sopa and kony2012
<\FistOfTheNoob> they have been preparing for an event such as this
<Bars and Hooks> what do you have
<Bars and Hooks> i can fight pretty good
<Bars and Hooks> and i have bats
<\FistOfTheNoob> its the rage virus
<\FistOfTheNoob> youre all familiar with pcp right?
<Intricate> it's fake
<\FistOfTheNoob> theyve created a biological weapon that doesnt require injection, simply contact with the skin
<Intricate> you're dumb if you believe this
<AndreySouza> What is that all about? Some TV show or is that serious?
<Intricate> he thinks zombies are real
<\FistOfTheNoob> its serious
<AndreySouza> Zombies IS real. It's a old classic SNES game.
<\FistOfTheNoob> theyre not zombies
<Intricate> he thinks they're real real
<Bars and Hooks> probably not zombies
<Intricate> Ryu is real too but he's not real real
<Intricate> shut up
<\FistOfTheNoob> theyre rage zombies
<AndreySouza> What are they then?
<Intricate> infected aren't real
<Bars and Hooks> but prob some weird contractable shit
<AndreySouza> "Real real".
<\FistOfTheNoob> its airborn pcp
<Intricate> it's a prank
<\FistOfTheNoob> it all started at a florida airport
<Bars and Hooks> are they getting naked too
<AndreySouza> Spare us of the "real real" thing. Zombies are fictional. Simple as that.
<\FistOfTheNoob> a case of cannisters blew up
<AndreySouza> A prank?
<\FistOfTheNoob> shutting down all terminals
<Intricate> yeah
<Intricate> in Miami
<AndreySouza> Is that on YouTube or something?
<\FistOfTheNoob> its biological warfare
<Intricate> news reports of infection that makes people bite each other and not feel pain
<Intricate> it's a prank
<AndreySouza> So, it's not a biological warfare?
<Intricate> it's a prank
<Intricate> gg
<\FistOfTheNoob> its biological warefare
<AndreySouza> Maybe it's both.
<\FistOfTheNoob> theyre hitting airports to try and spread the virus
<AndreySouza> A prank that resulted in a biological warfare.
<\FistOfTheNoob> no andrey
<AndreySouza> A biological warfare that resulted in a prank?
<Intricate> no
<Intricate> it's just for bored people
<Intricate> like kony2012
<Bars and Hooks> what are you guys gonna do if its real
<AndreySouza> Die?
<Intricate> I have a home in Europe
<Bars and Hooks> cant do much if its airborne
<Bars and Hooks> i'll just hide in a box
<\FistOfTheNoob> it is real
<AndreySouza> Snake much?
<\FistOfTheNoob> how long do we have?
<\FistOfTheNoob> I don't know
<AndreySouza> Why does it matter?
<Intricate> stop being stupid
<\FistOfTheNoob> hopefully they can contain it
<Bars and Hooks> lets just
<Intricate> they're really good at containing things
<Intricate> that's why we haven't all died in the past 2000 years
<Bars and Hooks> get as much pussy as possible until then
<AndreySouza> Maybe we don't die after it…
<Intricate> sars was airborne and that was easily contrained
<AndreySouza> We might become zombies of some sort…
<AndreySouza> Then we can get some zombie pussy.
<AndreySouza> I hope it feels the same.
<Intricate> 2012
<Intricate> the Mayans
<Intricate> they predicted this
<AndreySouza> lol
<\FistOfTheNoob> its even in our milk
<AndreySouza> Mad cow disease.
<Intricate> no shit mad cow disease may be in milk
<Intricate> where else would it come from
<Bars and Hooks> what about fat cow disease
<AndreySouza> Eggs?
<Bars and Hooks> every girl will contract that
<Intricate> Bars and Hooks shut up
<Intricate> just shut up
<Intricate> you're always being an asshole
<AndreySouza> You want some fat pussy too, Bars?
<Bars and Hooks> if this zombie thing gets to the bay im out
<Bars and Hooks> heading to the hills
<Intricate> shut up
<Intricate> asshole
<Bars and Hooks> they cant run up hills
<Intricate> yeah they can
<hebrew> who said
<Intricate> stop being an asshole
<Bars and Hooks> just climb a pole and shoot whoever is hungry
<AndreySouza> Shoot with what? Your poo?
<Bars and Hooks> my penis
<Bars and Hooks> and poop
<AndreySouza> And do you think it's gonna work?
<Bars and Hooks> no but it would be funny
<Intricate> shut up
<Intricate> asshole
<AndreySouza> Not so funny if that was truly happening.
<Intricate> get a 5 terrabyte hard drive
<Intricate> store all your entertainment on there
<AndreySouza> What would be funny is your pole getting destroyed.
<Bars and Hooks> i dont even trust people in public anyway
<Intricate> that's cause you're stupid
<Bars and Hooks> i expect people to stab me all the time
<Intricate> cause you're dumb
<\FistOfTheNoob> its all because of this geneticly mutated shit
<Intricate> shut up
<Bars and Hooks> any time some dude walks toward me i keep my peripherals on his hands
<Intricate> it's a prank
<\FistOfTheNoob> its unnatural and they have no idea what theyre doing
<Bars and Hooks> i guess i gotta look at his teeth now
<Bars and Hooks> see if theyre heading toward my face
<\FistOfTheNoob> AIDS
<AndreySouza> They have no idea…
<Intricate> if you didn't try to fawk your best friends girl you wouldn't feel this way
<AndreySouza> Yea, right.
<AndreySouza> Who eats random plants anyway?
<\FistOfTheNoob> not random
<Bars and Hooks> damn
<Bars and Hooks> we gonna die to some bullshit
<Intricate> AndreySouza we eat plants a lot
<\FistOfTheNoob> its a biproduct they use to make mutated seeds
<AndreySouza> And why would someone try and get AIS from a plant is plants are worse than pussies?
<Bars and Hooks> i wanna die killing aliens
<Intricate> not like we can get aids from eating
<\FistOfTheNoob> seeds for crops and shit you eat
<AndreySouza> AIDS*
<Bars and Hooks> not to pussy viruses
<Intricate> plants are used as food and seasoning for food
<Intricate> it's always present in food
<Intricate> even if you don't know it
<AndreySouza> Whatever.
<AndreySouza> Why would I worry about that.
<AndreySouza> I can die slammed by a bus in the street.
<Intricate> you don't get aids from eating it
<AndreySouza> What's with AIDS in those plants then?
<AndreySouza> I get AIDS by fucking them?
<Intricate> yeh
<AndreySouza> Nice.
<AndreySouza> Now who fuck plants?
<Intricate> aids is said to have been traveled from gorilla to people
<Intricate> cause a guy fawked a gorrilla
<Bars and Hooks> u can get aids from defloration
<Bars and Hooks> now ive heard it all
<Intricate> no you can't
<AndreySouza> Can you get AIDS from bars and hooks too?
<Intricate> yeah
<Bars and Hooks> if oyu get stabbed from me yeah
<Intricate> cause all he does is fawk his friends women
<\FistOfTheNoob> this rage virus is affecting animals too
<AndreySouza> If you are so worried about that, why don't you kill yourself already?
<\FistOfTheNoob> note the dates
<Bars and Hooks> fist dont trip if it comes it comes
<\FistOfTheNoob> note the fucking dates
<AndreySouza> At least, you won't die by ridiculous diseases.
<Bars and Hooks> live your life and enjoy it while it lasts
<\FistOfTheNoob> this shit is all in florida
<\FistOfTheNoob> and has spread to georgia
<AndreySouza> Fist is the kind of guy that screams "RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!!" if something appears.
<Intricate> oh so this is rabies
<Intricate> who cares
<Intricate> this always happens
<Bars and Hooks> fist would scream that if nothing appears
<AndreySouza> No.
<AndreySouza> He prefers the term "Rage Virus".
<\FistOfTheNoob> thats what rabies is andrey
<AndreySouza> It sounds more menacing.
<Intricate> rabies happens all hte time asshole
<\FistOfTheNoob> but the thing is its been mutated
<Intricate> it'll go away in a month
<\FistOfTheNoob> its now airborne
<Intricate> no it's not
<\FistOfTheNoob> and it effects humans
<Intricate> you don't ogt proof
<AndreySouza> Is it flying randomly?
<\FistOfTheNoob> no
<Intricate> it's not flying
<Intricate> you contract rabies from bites
<Intricate> you asshole
<\FistOfTheNoob> its not airborne like that
<\FistOfTheNoob> exactly
<Bars and Hooks> i'll save this chat
<Intricate> you don't breathe it in
<\FistOfTheNoob> the very beginning
<Intricate> Bars and Hooks shut the fawk up
<AndreySouza> Fine then.
<Intricate> stop ignoring us
<Bars and Hooks> so when the world ends we know who we didnt listen to
<\FistOfTheNoob> it happened at a airport
<AndreySouza> So this is happening in planes often?
<\FistOfTheNoob> it got in peoples eyes
<Intricate> no it didn't
<\FistOfTheNoob> their skin
<Intricate> you don't fawking get rabies from eyes
<Intricate> you stupid shit head
<\FistOfTheNoob> and now people are spreading it
<AndreySouza> Is it in space?
<Intricate> no they're not
<\FistOfTheNoob> biting each other and spitting blood
<Intricate> you conspiracy piece of trumpet shit
<\FistOfTheNoob> florida is being told to BOIL THEIR WATER
<AndreySouza> How is it airborne then?
<Intricate> it's not
<Intricate> he can't get his story straight
<AndreySouza> Why must they boil their water is it's airborne?
<Intricate> the keywords is bite
<Intricate> that's not airborne asshole
<AndreySouza> Maybe he just wants to… bite some random woman?
<AndreySouza> Men have fantasies, you know.
<Intricate> bite
<Intricate> AndreySouza stop it
<Intricate> this shit happens every once in awhile
<\FistOfTheNoob> this is what started it all
<Intricate> you guys are paranoid from too many games
<AndreySouza> That's what I'm saying.
<AndreySouza> Many men like to bite women.
<AndreySouza> That's not way too abnormal.
<\FistOfTheNoob> The policeman aimed his gun and told him to stop, but the man was growling like a wild animal and kept eating
<Intricate> how is THIS RABIES
<\FistOfTheNoob> he fired a shot
<Intricate> he threatend to kill her if she called the police
<\FistOfTheNoob> but he continued to eat the face
<AndreySouza> Maybe… he was hungry?
<\FistOfTheNoob> he fired again
<Intricate> he's conscious
<\FistOfTheNoob> and again
<Intricate> only a non rabie guy can do that
<\FistOfTheNoob> after 6 shots the man finally ceased
<Intricate> he's no push over
<Intricate> he wants to kill a women so he's obviously prepared
<\FistOfTheNoob> Last night there was a gunshot at the hospital where the victim is that was reported over the police
<AndreySouza> Prepared… to bite?
<AndreySouza> Fuck your links, Fist.
<AndreySouza> Just get on with it.
<Intricate> it's a prank
<AndreySouza> Life is not like Final Destination.
<\FistOfTheNoob> a patient who underwent a [brain] biopsy and the pathology report came back indicating that the tissue sample was positive for prion disease that suggests CJD," she said. Further testing is underway.
<AndreySouza> You can get killed by a lot of things and in a lot of ways…
<AndreySouza> But that doesn't mean something brutal is gonna happen to you anyway.
<AndreySouza> It would be cool if it happened though…
<Bars and Hooks>
<AndreySouza> Like… Fist with mad cow disease.
<Intricate> we've dealt with worse infections
<Intricate> even if this is real
<Intricate> stop being a jerk
<\FistOfTheNoob> stop being an agumon
<Bars and Hooks> you hear that guys
<Intricate> shut up
<Bars and Hooks> we need to start getting more pussy in our life
<Intricate> shut the hell up
<Bars and Hooks> this is a sign
<Intricate> why are you so stupid
<Bars and Hooks> we're not catching aids fast enough, so now theyre putting it in plants
<Intricate> shut up asshole
<Bars and Hooks> so start getting those stds
<Intricate> and betraying your best friends trust
<Intricate> trumpet shit
<\FistOfTheNoob> I think its time to build a bunker
<\FistOfTheNoob> I have a cabin about 2 hours from here
<Bars and Hooks> only $150
<Intricate> shut up
<Intricate> you guys are stupid
<Intricate> just go back to your home countries
<Intricate> like ANdreySouza
<\FistOfTheNoob> ditch the self improvement books
<Bars and Hooks> i'd get shot in cambodia
<\FistOfTheNoob> grab yourself a sack full of survival guides
<Intricate> stop bieng stupid
<Intricate> just go back to your home country
<Intricate> fawking
<Intricate> trumpet shits
<Bars and Hooks> fuck zombies fucking biters
<Intricate> shut up
<Intricate> faggot
<Intricate> friend cheater
<toastedguy> wut
<Intricate> there's not enough real proof for this Miami to even be real
<Intricate> Miami infection

suppersummoner promoting China - Jan 4 2013 Edit

<2Nasty> i wonder how true this stuff is
<RVN> here
<2Nasty> oh wait this shit is real
<suppersummoner> wow…why did you yearn for my response so much? RVN, i was away for shower, you faggot
<suppersummoner> every time you did the same, nothing new..
<RVN> sure sure
<suppersummoner> i already know your capacity
<suppersummoner> you can win me in a war of words
<nhk> <suppersummoner> you can win me in a war of words
<nhk> lol
<RVN> hahaha
<nhk> no wonder this nigga lost his job as a translator
<suppersummoner> can't*
<suppersummoner> just a typo
<nhk> lol
<nhk> he still doesnt get it
<RVN> the silence
<nhk> so funny
<suppersummoner> i didn't lose my job
<suppersummoner> you faggot
<nhk> no, you didn't lose your job
<nhk> but your job won you
<nhk> i think
<nhk> right?
<nhk> is that how this works
<nhk> sorry i'm new to chinglish
<RVN> so what do you do now summoner?
<suppersummoner> lmao
<suppersummoner> you both are just pathetic
<suppersummoner> RVN and nhk, try to learn more before challenging me
<Lynohaz> wut
<BerlinCalling> crash?
<Lynohaz> guru meditation
<BerlinCalling> assertion frame
<crhk> crash bandicoot
<BerlinCalling> lol
<Lynohaz> t_t
<BerlinCalling> this shit
<Lynohaz> haha
<BerlinCalling> well
<BerlinCalling> ggs
<Lynohaz> ggs man !
<BerlinCalling> time for a shower
<BerlinCalling> tonight is local 3s tourney
<BerlinCalling> im so scared lol
<Lynohaz> haha, gl :p, don't worry, no ggpo, no ggpo gouki ! x)
<suppersummoner> RVN, I heard your mom is a fatass
<domorobo> all aussies are fat
<BerlinCalling> all aussies are drunkj
<suppersummoner> lmao
<suppersummoner> He claimed I don't speak good English, but he never heard I speak it…so I am just imitating him to make some guess on his mom
<suppersummoner> lol
<Tenren12> crash?
<2Nasty> ggs
<nhk> 2nasty
<nhk> y u quit
<Tenren12> ggs gekirin
<suppersummoner> wow, RVN spared no effort in finding some groundless articles full of fakery to prove China is bad, yet he apparently doesn't mind living there
<2Nasty> you're too much for me
<nhk> <suppersummoner> He claimed I don't speak good English, but he never heard I speak it
<nhk> > he never heard I speak it
<nhk> LOL
<2Nasty> that play style is too much work
<nhk> ROFL
<nhk> LOL
<nhk> LMAO
<suppersummoner> what is so funny?
<nhk> 2nasty well go beat up on sheng long
<2Nasty> supper dont feed them
<nhk> until ur energy has returned
<nhk> then can we play moar?
<suppersummoner> nhk
<suppersummoner> why don't you just jump off a cliff?
<nhk> because i might get shoryued if i jump too much
<nhk> you dont respect and fear the shoryu
<nhk> and that is why you lose to me
<nhk> like you did today
<suppersummoner> you coin-dropping maniac is a gross parasite on ggpo
<suppersummoner> you*
<nhk> umad?
<suppersummoner> you never beat me
<nhk> thats correct
<suppersummoner> maybe only in the figment of your imagination
<nhk> the holocaust never happened either
<nineelevenrules> supersummoner i think coin spamming is fucking fun man no need to get mad
<nhk> just so everyone knows
<nineelevenrules> nhk u dont have a ping im guessing its gonna be laggy
<suppersummoner> i am not mad
<suppersummoner> i just think it is annoying
<nineelevenrules> why do ppl think that i have the same fun with it as with the game
<suppersummoner> and he constantly claims he can beat me, yet he never did
<nineelevenrules> well that sux xD
<Gekirin> Internet shit out on me
<Gekirin> Thanks for the games tenren
<Tenren12> np
<nhk> <suppersummoner> and he constantly claims he can beat me, yet he never did
<nhk> this nigga got owned
<nhk> just today
<nhk> while trying to troll with sa3 makoto
<nhk> failing miserably
<nhk> because he is faggot
<suppersummoner> lol
<suppersummoner> you don't think i trolled you by picking makoto with sa3?
<domorobo> gar gars
<domorobo> somebody has an error
<domorobo> das fo sho
<RVN> lol 2nasty
<RVN> you dont think that fake food news is real?
<suppersummoner> hey, RVN, be it true or not, why you hypocrite likes to torture yourself by choosing to live in a country which you detest?
<suppersummoner> like*
<suppersummoner> if you don't like it, just get out of there
<RVN> but everyone in hong kong hates china and call themselves hongkongers , not china
<RVN> you mad?
<suppersummoner> lol
<RVN> dont worry
<suppersummoner> making an assertion like that is tentamount to saying everyone in the U.S hates black people, which is never true
<Metric> damn
<Metric> farcry3 is pretty sick so far
<Womble> yea
<Metric> didnt think this game would be cool
<RVN> to me you will always be that chinaman who lost his translator job
<domorobo> yeah i cant hate RG3
<suppersummoner> no one can stop the fools from believing in something
<suppersummoner> lol
<suppersummoner> whatever
<Womble> loses job
<suppersummoner> you can be as jealous as you want
<Womble> comes on ggpo
<Womble> win
<suppersummoner> for all i care
<suppersummoner> lol
<Womble> stop it
<Womble> umad
<Womble> mamdmamdamdmamdma
<suppersummoner> nah
<Womble> yes
<Womble> shut up
<suppersummoner> i am not mad at all
<nhk> tenren nigga
<nhk> if u want people at ur level
<suppersummoner> i am having fun instead
<nhk> then give me shoryu tips
<2Nasty> last set who wants it
<nhk> faget
<nhk> womble cum play me
<Womble> cba yet
<Womble> later
<nhk> also womble check out deez logs
<nhk> so funny
<Womble> lol
<Futurepants> wtf
<2Nasty> nice name
<Futurepants> e xpected fframe
<Futurepants> error
<2Nasty> are you knew in 3s?
<Futurepants> ugg
<Womble> someone left window open on you
<nhk> <suppersummoner> wow…why did you yearn for my response so much? RVN, i was away for shower, you faggot
<Futurepants> no
<nhk> <suppersummoner> every time you did the same, nothing new..
<Womble> have to wait for server restart
<nhk> <RVN> sure sure
<nhk> <suppersummoner> i already know your capacity
<nhk> <suppersummoner> you can win me in a war of words
<nhk> <nhk> no wonder this nigga lost his job as a translator
<nhk> <suppersummoner> can't*
<Womble> he chats shit
<nhk> <suppersummoner> just a typo
<suppersummoner> too many haters here
<suppersummoner> low class haters
<Futurepants> ggpo is being stupid
<suppersummoner> to be exact
<nhk> <nhk> he still doesnt get it
<nhk> <suppersummoner> i didn't lose my job
<Womble> low class
<RVN> lol this chinaman still doesnt get it
<nhk> <suppersummoner> you faggot
<Womble> you're from china though
<nhk> <nhk> no, you didn't lose your job
<Futurepants> cant get ts runnin
<nhk> <nhk> but your job won you
<nhk> <nhk> i think
<nhk> <nhk> right?
<nhk> <nhk> is that how this works
<nhk> <nhk> sorry i'm new to chinglish
<Womble> lol
<Womble> chinglish
<suppersummoner> i prefer someone who can actually challenge me intellecutally rather than these kinds of bullshits
<nhk> <suppersummoner> RVN, I heard your mom is a fatass
<nhk> <suppersummoner> He claimed I don't speak good English, but he never heard I speak it…so I am just imitating him to make some guess on his mom
<Womble> intellectual + bullshits
<Womble> yes
<Womble> kek
<Womble> lol
<Womble> never heard i speak it
<Womble> rofl
<nhk> lol
<nhk> so funny
<Futurepants> anyone have a link
<RVN> and he claims to be a translator for the government
<Womble> i feel sorry for his government
<2Nasty> link to what?
<RVN> bieber said he lost his job
<suppersummoner> lol
<Futurepants> i cant find a ts rom that works
<RVN> i wonder why
<Womble> that error message aint to do with roms future
<2Nasty> supper you're cool with me bro. lets play a short set
<suppersummoner> later
<2Nasty> damn homie
<2Nasty> disrespect
<suppersummoner> these two faggots try to make me mad
<Futurepants> ty
<Womble> you get mad fast
<suppersummoner> but do i need to care about comments from low class haters?
<Womble> low class
<2Nasty> supper the thing is just dont pay them any mind bro
<Womble> wtf lol
<Womble> you have no idea
<2Nasty> the more you say the more it goes on
<Womble> stop it nasty
<Womble> you're wrong
<suppersummoner> it is like a mouse trying to speak to a lion that he is stronger than the lion, does the lion give a rat about it?
<Womble> what
<Futurepants> nigga moment
<2Nasty> LOL
<suppersummoner> at least, give me some thoughtful comment
<suppersummoner> but they never can't
<Womble> you're just full of bad analogy aren't you?
<2Nasty> the second time ive lol tonight from somehting said in here
<Womble> analogys
<suppersummoner> is it bad?
<suppersummoner> it is very appropriate
<Womble> it's not
<2Nasty> you'll be alright
<Womble> it just makes you sound idiotic
<suppersummoner> how?
<suppersummoner> you are one of the haters
<suppersummoner> that is why
<suppersummoner> i think
<Womble> language is about culture as much as anything
<2Nasty> what the
<Womble> if your language doesn't relate to the culture
<suppersummoner> so?
<2Nasty> bro im tryin to help you
<Womble> people are perplexed at you
<suppersummoner> what the heck r u talking about?
<Womble> and not in a good way
<Womble> i though you were the intelligent one
<Womble> thought
<suppersummoner> get to the point
<Womble> lol
<2Nasty> fuck them mr.pants its me and you
<nhk> <suppersummoner> it is like a mouse trying to speak to a lion that he is stronger than the lion, does the lion give a rat about it?
<nhk> ROFL
<Womble> you're retarded if you cant see the point im making
<nhk> ROFL
<nhk> ROFL
<nhk> ROFL
<2Nasty> stop im trying to play
<Womble> LOL
<suppersummoner> lol
<RVN> summoner whats your real job
<Womble> i can't believe this guy thinks he's good at english
<Womble> rofl
<domorobo> ggs bura
<domorobo> crazy ryu
<BuraBura> ggs
<BuraBura> nah, no good at all
<BuraBura> losing mirror that bad lol
<domorobo> yeah right
<BuraBura> cant even double qcf =D
<suppersummoner> do i need to write formally here?
<BuraBura> you were on point tho
<2Nasty> im not trying to add to this shit talking
<domorobo> 2nasty
<Womble> ofc not, but if you're gonna talk about it constantly
<Womble> then it dont help you sounding retarded
<domorobo> bura
<domorobo> your ryu is good man
<2Nasty> domo what>?
<Womble> bbl
<domorobo> back in the day
<domorobo> did you bitch a lot like toasted
<domorobo> or did toasted bitching just permeate the air
<domorobo> and cloud my memory
<suppersummoner> i don't even understand what you say with the gramatical mistake in your sentence
<suppersummoner> but whatever
<suppersummoner> it is pointless to talk about this
<suppersummoner> it is not like i will give it a shit
<2Nasty> just got owned
<2Nasty> no domo
<2Nasty> why
<domorobo> das good
<2Nasty> im a beast
<2Nasty> no need to bitch
<domorobo> just trying to remember the good good guys
<BuraBura> god i wish i had been able to sleep tonight =/

StompthePainAway/Louiscipher - Apr 22 2014 Edit

<StompThePainAway> He just abuses Headbutt online
<StompThePainAway> he's not good sorry
<Cruise> I'm not good, never claimed I was
<Cruise> lol
<Val-Venis> how could alex punish headbutt though
<Bitcoin> well if yoru not good then that means stomp is totaly shit
<Trey15> d+hp
<Val-Venis> that double hit back move?
<Trey15> yes
<RVN> louicipher raped by 2nasty
<Trey15> strange aint it
<kenryu18> louie why you tryna defame cruise
<kenryu18> just because you suck
<RVN> louicipher u got raped by 2nasty
<RappeRapiStrippeR> lol@bala kumite
<Trey15> man
<StompThePainAway> another random Headbutt
<Val-Venis> block it
<StompThePainAway> and he does it because he knows it's safe online
<BBU> louis theres a thing called hit confirming
<Cruise> don't try to beat me, I suck!
<hurtta> why didnt you block it doe
<Trey15> i wish my headbutts had that priority hah
<StompThePainAway> he cannot be hit out
<Starslicer> ggs
<kenryu18> his random headbutt beat your random stomp
<RVN> louis why you have been playing 3s for years and still a scrub??
<Starslicer> CRUISE
<Starslicer> LETS GO
<Starslicer> RUN IT BACK
<Starslicer> MY NET DROPPED
<Val-Venis> louis is actually kinda good
<Starslicer> nah
<Starslicer> hes not.
<Starslicer> he exploits stomps
<RVN> louis pretends to be a respected player on shoryuken forums
<Trey15> he can do stuff
<Val-Venis> u exploit slide
<Val-Venis> abuse u mean
<RVN> but the newbies eventually caught on and realized hes an angry scrub
<RVN> now he comes back here
<hurtta> you still pretend to have made 4th strike doe
<BBU> louis wouldnt even be that bad
<hurtta> even tho it was made by japz
<BBU> if he just understood a few select things
<Trey15> yataaaaaa
<StompThePainAway> I have to play retarded
<StompThePainAway> because he will throw out a headbutt
<Cruise> hahahha
<BBU> such as headbutts having vulnerability at the end
<kenryu18> rvn how cum you dont talk about tiananmen square anymore
<BBU> before urien can throw
<Bitcoin> your retarded already
<StompThePainAway> meanwhile this fool loses to Ken's Jumping EX Tatsu offline
<Trey15> renic told me to d+hp his headbutts man
<RVN> why would i
<Trey15> :s
<klaxdio> q pasa ???
<RVN> where is toastedsub
<RappeRapiStrippeR> is possible fall in love with an ass?
<RappeRapiStrippeR> XD
<Asian Assault>
there's only three people who gets mad and talk shit when they get raped, Louiscipher, Redemption and
<BBU> no
<\Denjizz> lol
<RVN> hahahahahahaha
<StompThePainAway> AA Headbutt now
<RappeRapiStrippeR> calm down redemption is a good player tho
<kenryu18> haha he got banned on srk too
<RVN> thats why he comes here now
<RVN> he needs attention from somewhere
<RVN> he pretended to be a respected player in front of newbies on SRK
<RVN> he got found out eventually
<exo-buro> lmao@ Redemption being good
<hurtta> <RappeRapiStrippeR> calm down redemption is a good player tho
<hurtta> hahaha
<exo-buro> he sucks big dicks, and the guy would love that anyway
<hurtta> yo louie you can parry in the air bruh
<hurtta> quick tip
<SpaceGod> gga\
<Asian Assault> redemption gets so crazy mad lol
<Asian Assault> that dude is funny
<G0NZ0> I think it's my connection this time around
<Cruise> louis, 2 more, gotta eat din din
<Trey15> isnt that the guy who thinks hes the best elena
<Asian Assault> yep
<Trey15> oop
<\Denjizz> lol
<Asian Assault> if u think i'm a masher, then he's on a different levelmashing
<Asian Assault> aftger rhinehorn or super, he would follow up with the flying flash kick lmao
<Trey15> i dont think you mash
<Trey15> i think you are silly
<Trey15> :s
<Asian Assault> silly as in doing stupid things on random?
<Asian Assault> lol
<hurtta> lol you can beat red by doing nothing but throws
<Trey15> just a lot of unexpected stuff
<Trey15> that i can read but cant parry for some reason
<Asian Assault> like the flying elbow?
<Trey15> :s
<Tray15> i like penis :s
<Asian Assault> lmao
<Trey15> lol
<Trey15> damn even i got a doppleganger now
<Asian Assault> it's the not call flying elbow, it's called the PEOPLE"s ELBOW
<Tessiro> lol tray15
<StompThePainAway> do an air-to-air and he Headbutts
<Cruise> ok last one
<BBU> urien cant headbutt in the air
<hurtta> i watched the sbo finals last year all niggas was doing was headbutts AIR TO AIR
<hurtta> dat new tech
<Asian Assault> dam headbutt, it's like a free move, safe from blocked
<RVN> louicihper why you rage and pull the plug on OE against cruise?
<Tray15> louie with dat stomp anti air doe
<Asian Assault> if it missed, u get thrown or follow up by hit
<RVN> louicihper why you rage and pull the plug on OE against cruise?
<BBU> that guys so annoying
<StompThePainAway> oh he's so legit
<Cruise> ggs louis
<RVN> ouicihper why you rage and pull the plug on OE against cruise?
<StompThePainAway> guy is an asshole
<RVN> louicihper why you rage and pull the plug on OE against cruise?
<exo-buro> lol
<Trey15> dat ass
<StompThePainAway> Headbutt all day, godlike online.
<BBU> louis youre not that bad
<StompThePainAway> So legit
<Starslicer> cruise
<Starslicer> im next
<StompThePainAway> but Cruise lost to a Ken doing jumping EX Tatsu offline
<Tray15> you tried to stomp anti air doe
<StompThePainAway> think about that
<Tray15> is that legit
<StompThePainAway> I tried to parry his cr.HP AA and nothing
<RVN> louis why do you not show up offline?
<RVN> where do you play offline?
<StompThePainAway> and he gets his launcher into Aegis, no quickrise
<StompThePainAway> free unblockable for him
<BBU> if you do j.hp and he parries it
<RVN> how come you are afraid to play offline?
<Asian Assault> dam disconnect before he lost, that's mad shady
<BBU> he cant do a low fierce if you did it deep enough
<Asian Assault> nobody cares
<StompThePainAway> then he does random Headbutt as an AA
<Asian Assault> damm
<Trey15> stop it :<
<StompThePainAway> He does those 3 things
<StompThePainAway> he's a fraud
<Asian Assault> hey lousic, can you dash and stomp
<BBU> you lost to three things
<StompThePainAway> he's some asshole who uses Headbutt online
<Bitcoin> gg its too laggy
<RVN> oh yeah
<RVN> louiscipher talks about "online" this and taht
<RVN> but he never plays offline
<RVN> hahaha
<SpaceGod> yeah im been more laggy today
<BBU> you dont either
<RVN> yes so what
<hurtta> i dont think hes claiming to doe
<SpaceGod> i cant hitconfirm in lag -_-
<Bitcoin> i cant do shit lag
<RVN> if u go read the old threads
<Trey15> lagitis
<Tray15> all da offline warriors on tonight doe
<StompThePainAway> he always claims he's good
<StompThePainAway> you guys dick ride him
<Asian Assault>
i'mma write a book of all the excuses of people who loses. Controller not working, lag, my hand hurts, I'
m playing 50%, sleepy, drunk, high, not in the mood, nigga cheat, nigga uses macro, do i miss anythign?
<StompThePainAway> with 2nasty, everyone is in on the joke
<hurtta> specs asian
<Starslicer> CRUISE
<Starslicer> LETS GO
<StompThePainAway> but no, Cruise does Headbutt and he's legit.
<RVN> <Cruise> I'm not good, never claimed I was
<Bitcoin> im the best
<Go_collect_stamps.> Cru is my good friend.
<Starslicer> just cause i dc dont go face lousibutt
<Starslicer> that was my fight!
<Go_collect_stamps.> Asian Ass is just whining.
<Asian Assault> if you have those excuses, then dont play lol
<Asian Assault> geez, lose like a man
<RVN> louicipher where do you play offline?
<RVN> you claimed to play offline on shoryuken forums
<Tray15> dat cpu offline
<Starslicer> lmao
<FreeSuwako> GG
<Starslicer> training mode
<Starslicer> he plays with himself
<StompThePainAway> Offline I'd beat that guy 123
<Asian Assault> whenever i loses, i always blame it on my wife for giving me bj while playing 3s
<Go_collect_stamps.> 2n is a wimp but I see most people here are alright.
<Starslicer> LMAO
<RVN> so where do you play offline louis?
<StompThePainAway> And I know half of you are trolls who are just saying he's good to piss me off
<Starslicer> hey guys
<Starslicer> how about that second impact?
<Starslicer> 8)
<RVN> hey louis what is this?
<Asian Assault> louis, stop denying and give the man credit, he's level 9 and your level 5
<Asian Assault> u have no chance
<Tray15> <RVN> so where do you play offline louis?
<StompThePainAway> If he beat me without Headbutt spam then sure
<Val-Venis> lets play 2I star
<Starslicer> hell no i suck at 2impact
<Starslicer> lmao
<Val-Venis> oh lol
<StompThePainAway> but he didn't, he had to rely on that gimmick
<Asian Assault> wtf, u telling someone not use a specail they have lol
<Trey15> 3rd strike needs 2nd impact's aesthetics
<Go_collect_stamps.> If he whines about a non-existent issue he should go to an arcade.
<exo-buro> ibuki is 2nd best in that game
<Starslicer> oh wow
<Trey15> art work n music
<exo-buro> do what u do on here and u will win
<Val-Venis> yea shes top tier
<Starslicer> oh epic
<Go_collect_stamps.> It's 25c per ragequit./
<Starslicer> :O
<Val-Venis> only second to sean
<Trey15> and screen after u win/lose
<Starslicer> yeah i heard sean was godlike
<Val-Venis> =0
<Starslicer> anyways is this a video
<StompThePainAway> and Cruise loses offline
<BBU> how do you spam a charge move
<StompThePainAway> he lost to rusty as fuck Gootecks
<Starslicer> of me seeing louiscepher lose?
<StompThePainAway> he lost to a gimmicky Ken
<hurtta> yo stomp man link me to some of your offline vids bro
<Starslicer> but did he lose to you?
<Starslicer> why is it that people think
<BBU> 5star isnt gimmicky…
<hurtta> i wanna see some of your offline vids bro
<Starslicer> cause one person loses to one person
<Asian Assault> right
<StompThePainAway> The instant he plays someone offline who knows the matchup, he loses, badly
<RVN> <hurtta> yo stomp man link me to some of your offline vids bro
<Starslicer> that means they lose to everyone else
<Starslicer> LMAO
<Starslicer> LOUIS RAGE QUIT
<RVN> <hurtta> yo stomp man link me to some of your offline vids bro
<Go_collect_stamps.> Buy a cabinet la.
<Asian Assault>
louis decided to come back after raping the noobs on PSN, thiking he leveld up, comes on GGPO and get
raped, then get mad lol
<hurtta> stomp yo i wanna see your offline tournament vids bro
<hurtta> im a fan
Then invite friends over and nobody rages except maybe they go behind and pull the plug.
<StompThePainAway> There's no scene where I live
<Starslicer> lmao
<StompThePainAway> but the guys I have played offline I have beaten
<Starslicer> why does louis troll so much
<Starslicer> he dcs on psn so no one can see a replay vid of him
well you are pretty awesome bro how come you dont travel and win tournaments are you a pleb or som
ething bro
<Starslicer> and he gives misinformation on here
<Starslicer> with no video or proof
<RVN> who are the guys you played offline louis?
<StompThePainAway> I know you're troll
<BBU> louis doesnt really drop on psn
<BBU> he just sends hatemail lol
<hurtta> not everybody is a troll bro i really like your style
<Starslicer> the video here is proof
<Starslicer> cruise wins
<Starslicer> he drops
<StompThePainAway> I can detect sarcasm
<BBU> because he already had beef with cruise
<Bitcoin> fuck you
<Bitcoin> sarcasm
<Go_collect_stamps.> Like your moms pull it on your pc when you are surfing instead of studying.
<Bitcoin> did you detect that?
<StompThePainAway> I don't know why GGPO 3S invite so many assholes
<Go_collect_stamps.> Or dads.
<Starslicer> cruise doesnt even recognize his existence really
yo bro why cant we just talk about playing these low tier characters against all these noobs using high ti
er chars
<Starslicer> cruise just plays
<Asian Assault> u can hide under a new screen name, but you can NEVER hide your play style
<RVN> korcotxan told me louis has like 7 names on PSN and 5 on XBL
<hurtta> id like some pointers on my alex
<Starslicer> the only one who talks smack is always louis
but I guess a dude see's that he can get away with shit like Ibuki's Jab, Jab, Jab gimmick they think they'r
e godlike
<Go_collect_stamps.> At the end of the day, all these things are meaningless.
<Starslicer> lmao asian
<RVN> <RVN> korcotxan told me louis has like 7 names on PSN and 5 on XBL
<Starslicer> im just saying
<Starslicer> louis is a fraud
<Go_collect_stamps.> You got to look at the big picture.
<Starslicer> we all know that
<Bitcoin> louis is gonna get locked up
<BBU> all the alexes on psn play the same anyway
<StompThePainAway> If anything I want to play the guy offline
<StompThePainAway> without any chance of bs
<hurtta> why dont you tho bro
<StompThePainAway> or spectator trolls caushing frame skips
<Asian Assault>
give him credit, i feel bad for him now, guys stop picking on him, he might kill himself, i'll stp from here
<Go_collect_stamps.> Yayoi Tsubaki?
<RVN> u lied on shoryuken forums and claim u play offline
<Starslicer> louis
<hurtta> you prolly got money why not travel and play against cruise doe
<Starslicer> if you kill yourself
<Starslicer> let me body you first
<Starslicer> okay?
<BBU> nobody wants to see that awful match
<Bitcoin> well if you kills himself he will do us all a favor
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