This page consists of content translated from the Japanese 3rd Strike wiki as well as additional input and alterations from RVN.

I can't parry?Edit

A common misunderstanding is that parrying is your shortcut to leveling up. It is often better to block. For practicing the parry execution, you may want to start off with parrying only projectiles from long distance, like Ryu's Hadouken.
In the air you cannot block so parry is your only option. So let's try not to jump too much to start with!

Which characters are recommended for beginners?Edit

Pick a character that you like and enjoy. If you have no preference, consider trying these characters that are great for complete beginners to 3s.

  • Alex (Super Art 2)
Simple moves and combos that are easy to do yet deal big damage. Easy mixup play on opponents wake-up. Can take hits and is hard to stun due to his high stamina.
  • Ken (Super Art 3)
A very balanced character well equiped with many tools at his disposal, especially the basic 3s tools. Great character for beginners to learn how 3s works.
  • Urien (Super Art 3)
No need for hit-confirming like crouching light kick > crouching light kick > into Super, or other techniques that are often tricky for beginners to do. Easy high-low-throw mixup with Aegis Reflector in the corner. His basic combo (crouching heavy punch launcher > medium tackle > heavy punch) is easy to do and does good damage.
  • Yang (Super Art 2)
Easy basic combo with his crouching medium kick into Mantis Slash or EX Mantis Slash. Great for beginners to learn the game without difficult execution of moves.
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