If you cannot play 3rd strike on arcade machine but still want to enjoy it, then you will probably have to settle for playing online. The options for playing online are:

Available on Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 since 2010.
  • GGPO on PC
In late 2014, GGPO was temporarily taken down due to DDoS attacks. As of April 2015, it is still down.
  • Fightcade on PC
In 2014, Fightcade was launched. It is a clone of GGPO using the same files but with updated user interface features.

Remember that online is no match for the real thing and is definitely different than the original. But given that 3S is a dying game, it is not easy for the casual gamer to find arcades with this game. Check out the Arcade Locations page for details on where you can play.

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