Bass_aka_Forte /ˈbɑːs eɪ-keɪ-eɪ fɔːr.teɪ/ (sometimes shortened to Bass) is an online pseudonym used by the Turkish/Norwegian player, Electro Baba. Before Bass started on his journey to become the greatest 3rd Strike Akuma/Gouki player and to beat Daigo, Bass exploited tourists by selling them overly expensive prayer beads in Turkey.

Bass' first encounter with 3rd Strike happend when he was 7 years old. Bass was at a friend's house and was playing on his modded Xbox (original Xbox), where he found a burnt DVD of the game Street Fighter Anniversary Collection. This was the first time Bass experienced an erection. 9 years later Bass did research and figured out a method to play the game online (and free) through Fightcade, and has been kicking ass since. Bass is known for being the best player to use a keyboard. Suck my nuts, kb.

Currently, he is 17 years old (I promise) and has since taken on many people who first kicked his ass, and finally got his revenge on them. He is currently working on eating Night's, YomiSaint's and Jinrai's assholes.

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