Arczer (AKA 403) is a degenerate Canadian drunk that happens to use 3rd strike as a revolving door.  He constantly quits 3rd strike to return to his retirement home in Diablo 2, only to return a few weeks later during another random drunken episode.  Eventually leaving once again when he realizes he cannot do character specific enders or finds another issue with fightcade.

He is best known for repeating himself due to ego and cannot be wrong and even continues to argue against being wrong AFTER admitting he is. 

Likes to guess more than Shodokan and Baraboomba combined all while continually rambling about his everlasting nemesis, the world's tallest midget, Exodus.

Favorite phrase - "What DO YOU MEAN?!?!?!"

Currently day drinking and chasing the feet of asian hunnies.  

P.S. - Former League of Legends Pro and Path of Exile God 

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