AC-Slayer is one of the strongest players from Canada. He is known to have an aggressive, execution-heavy play-style. AC mains Yun and has played in offline tournaments dating back to EVO 2K6-2K9, FFA Ranbats 06-08, Socal Regionals 07-08, and Sunroute Cup 2010.

Art started playing 3S during the Golden Era in California during the mid 2000s where he frequented UCLA Arcade, FFA, Arcade Infinity, and Denjin. Back in 2017, AC along with Hrove and Kazzy hosted biweekly tournaments/ranking battles on Fightcade. In 2020, he has hosted multiple fundraising events for poverty scenes and arcades internationally such as Fightcade for the Future, which raised around $3000 for Matsuda-San of Game Newton Arcade (source). AC also hosted the Next Level Fundraiser which raised money for Next Level Arcade in New York.

Currently, he is one of the organizers for Jazzy Fight Night (JFN), a monthly event that showcases 3S players in a FT10 battle on all major online platforms such as Fightcade, PS3, PS4, Steam, and Xbox.

AC has released several notable 3rd Strike tutorials on TheShend's Youtube channel including "How to Master Ken's Kara SRK (2005)" and "How to Master Yun's Kara Palm (2009)".

AC-Slayer Demonstrate's Kara Palm Technique.png

Today, you can find AC on Fightcade where he currently holds an "A Rank". He is often found coaching new players on how to improve.

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